Bullstock 2012

Found some old videos including this one of "Down But Not Out" live at USF's Bullstock in 2012. It was a really fun show and an awesome crowd and we got the chance to open for 21 Pilots, Jack's Mannequin, and Cobra Starship.

Lakeland House Show

We took a break from recording vocals to play a killer little house show in Lakeland. But before we left, we had a little impromptu jam session where our stuff was set up at our buddies place. I put on the camera and found this little improv-jam. We're thinking it's a new song. Check it out!

Promos in Puerto Rico

We took a trip last year to Puerto Rico for spring break. A big group of friends came with us and it was an insane trip. The first night we were there, we had a drink or 8 and wandered down the beach, somehow lost a lot of clothing, and ended up climbing up a huge rock cliff. A few days later we realized we should to get a new band shot up on that cliff. Naturally, we had a really difficult time trying to look cool for the picture so while we struggled a few of our friends formed a band of their own off to the side and showed us how it's done. The first pictures are too lame to throw up on here, but here's some credit going out to our buddies for the picture.

Kreg, Jos, Bingus, Pickle (fedora nerd), and Mark 

Then we copied them.

So there ya go dudes, we totally copied your idea.

Thanks, Will Chan, for the slick photography!


The whole crew!

Bull's Radio with Dave

Another throwback! A few years ago we added Christian on guitar and our good buddy Dave hadn't yet moved to Oregon and had his own show on Bulls Radio. He had us come in after we won Bullstock and we made our first (and only) radio appearance. Not sure if anyone was even listening but it was super fun and it's always cool hangin out with Dave (miss ya man!). So check out that one time we got interviewed on the radio. 

Adventure time

We have a ton of footage. Traveling, partying, skating, shows, surfing, whatever... And if we're lucky some of that gets put together and made into dumb little videos. So check out some our adventures in here! 

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Here's the first video we made, fresh outta high school, barely legal teens:

We put this together recording "This Means Trouble". The good ol' days when we had a full on home studio at Alex and Ethan's house and learned us how to record some music. Floating cans. Sombreros. Sock removal.