Promos in Puerto Rico

We took a trip last year to Puerto Rico for spring break. A big group of friends came with us and it was an insane trip. The first night we were there, we had a drink or 8 and wandered down the beach, somehow lost a lot of clothing, and ended up climbing up a huge rock cliff. A few days later we realized we should to get a new band shot up on that cliff. Naturally, we had a really difficult time trying to look cool for the picture so while we struggled a few of our friends formed a band of their own off to the side and showed us how it's done. The first pictures are too lame to throw up on here, but here's some credit going out to our buddies for the picture.

Kreg, Jos, Bingus, Pickle (fedora nerd), and Mark 

Then we copied them.

So there ya go dudes, we totally copied your idea.

Thanks, Will Chan, for the slick photography!


The whole crew!